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John Reiach

john reiach

The images explore water and its effects over time, from fractions of a second to thousands of years.

The images on display at State Theta Galleries were selected by director Audicia Lynne Morley from a series of around 20, to accompany a talk about the life and work of the artist Tim Stead. Although the subject matter and media are very different, Audicia's choice is an intelligent one, the colour and texture of the water, rocks and so on chiming with the grain and curves of the wood in Tim Stead's work.

There is an added poignancy for me in that some 15 years ago when I was embarking on the Flow-pattern series, I exhibited a few early examples in a big group exhibition, and was touched to discover that Tim Stead had bought one.

- John Reiach, July 2009

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