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Please note that this work is from a previous exhibition and is not currently on display.

House of Hares

Valerie Graves

Fibre artist. The House of Hares.

Visitors to the studio often ask me where the idea for the Hares came form?
The simple answer is I really don’t know? I also can’t really explain why they all come out so amazingly different consistently?

Textiles became the centre of my world many years ago. Not unlike most textile enthusiasts akin to butterflies, we are drawn to the tactile nature fibres, yarns, colors and textures as our working palette. 
I have lived with and worked with art and textiles from an early age, working professionally in constructed textiles for many years. But I would never have believed that I could come up with anything so quiet bizarre as the Hares. 

They gain many reactions from visitors in the studio usually humorous and pleasant to frightening small children, who really don’t seem to take to them at all . But they always bring a smile if not much laughter!

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House of Hares House of Hares House of Hares House of Hares House of Hares House of Hares House of Hares