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Beverley A'Court - Mixed Media

Eliot Baron

Songlines For St. Giles

Eliot Baron is a beachcombing artist, musician and craftsman in wood, based on South Pembrokeshire, Wales. He has a passion for collecting seaglass, driftwood, ceramic and pottery fragments, and especially fossils. This leads him to explore the beaches of South Pembrokeshire, the Jurassic Coast of Dorset and beyond.

In 2016 Eliot and his partner Miriam Scott, jointly curated an exhibition in the church of St Giles in Letterston, North Pembrokeshire. This was part of the 2016 Art in Faith Trail. As a result their work was also exhibited in St David’s Cathedral, Wales.

These four panels are called Songlines for St Giles. The images featured include the Early Christian symbols of the Fish (seaglass with belemnite fossil surround) as Alpha and sculpted driftwood circles as Omega. These panels are a series improvised in the spirit of St Giles.


The poems by Miriam Scott exhibited alongside are in part a response to the panels, and you are invited to choose at least one poem to take with you if you are able to purchase a panel.

Miriam Scott is a storyteller, poet and music student. She once worked with homeless people and the staff who cared for them. The three poems exhibited here form part of a sequence on the solitary yet caring figure of St Giles. St Giles is perfectly at home in nature, yet deeply concerned with human difficulties. Following his very long ago birth St Giles appears to have returned to this world again and again to carry out his work.

There are churches and community based projects in St Giles’ name in many countries. Of course among them is the beautiful City Church of Edinburgh, St Giles, not far from here.

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