RainbowHawk Lithographs

The Four Shields of Remembrance

"The artist is always creating an image of the self. This image becomes a window for the viewer to see into the world and depending upon the vision of the artist, determines the depth of the potential experience for the viewer."




The Corn Goddess

Depicting kernels of corn as gems shining with the light of the sun help us to remember that all we manifest in our sacredness can be our contribution to Life.

The peoples of the earth cultures held the corn as sacred, recognizing it to hold the sacredness of life, and the symbol of the sacred knowledge.

This is the shield of the East.

The Survivor

Emotion as powerful as a turbulent sea can be fuel to help us travel with power to our destiny or it can shipwreck us on the rocks of our conflicting world.

The choices we make to respond or react can carry us safely to the shore as the survivor or to float amid the wreckage wondering how to rebuild our craft.

This is the shield of the South.

The Eagle

The journey of life throughout time is depicted as the wings of the Eagle, a long view of the steps we take as humanity in our learning to walk as the human.

The Eagle calls us to remembrance of the opposites of night and day, the moon and the sun, the old and the new, as ways of seeing the potential of true balance within the light and the dark.

This is the shield of the North.

The Twentieth Century Mona Lisa

Walking the path of the spirit on the Mother Earth, we awaken to our choice of walking in balance and in respect to the ancient teachings, or to forget, and leave behind that which our ancestors lived.

It is up to us, each of us, to find our way to care for ourselves, each other and our Mother Planet in a way of respect.

This is the shield of the West.


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