shaman dolls





Beverley A'Court

Antlered Shaman dolls

Antlers have long been associated with connection to the spirit worlds and other beings, and worn by shamen for healing and ceremonies for over 1000 years.

Many people feel a natural and deep affinity with antlered animals. 
Doll-making is a talismanic form of art - the doll embodies qualities we aspire to develop & the making can itself become a meditation on those qualities. 

This is part of my spiritual practice and I hope these dolls inspire you to try this for yourself. 
Working with beach-combings is a magical part of the process, receiving what treasures the sea offers up…

I offer workshops in which I guide you through the process of making your own personal healing doll.  I accept commissions for driftwood sculptures; especially doll figures, birds and ships, in honour of special people and occasions.