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Claire Cummings

Tide Lines

I believe the true essence of life is formless.

claire cummings

In my work I explore the different qualities of this formlessness for example the movement of the wave; the process of time; the inner responses to stimuli such as light.

By reducing form to its simplest and consciously working with space I attempt to create an environment to which the subtler senses respond.

I work with a variety of media including Perspex, plaster, tissue paper, card, and found objects. Currently I am exploring the medium of plaster using earth pigments to colour it.


The Tide Lines are a visible result of the formless action of wind and the moon on the sea. These tide lines are part of an ongoing collection taken from different sites along the Moray coast. Each tide line is an instant caught in time and is a unique record of the weather conditions at the time I ‘caught’ them.

These examples were taken just after a fall of rain on a shallow beach at the estuary of a river. On a calmer day the lines would have less plant fragments and on a steeper bank the lines would be closer together.