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Signed Books at State Theta Galleries


The following authors have signed copies of their books available for sale at State Theta Galleries.

landscape of the soul

Landscape of the Soul.

In the fast paced world in which we now live, we need simple, beautiful places like labyrinths that draw us in by their attraction of their pattern to slow oursleves down, still the busy mind and connect us again with our deep inner resources.

giles sutherlandAn Appreciation of Tim Stead

Giles Sutherland is a freelance writer and art critic.

This book, published to coincide with a retrospective of Tim Stead's work at the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh with a foreward by HRH The Prince of Wales, aims to bring together all the different strands of Stead's career.

helen douglas

Between the Two - Black and white images of the detail of nature

Loch - A series of images from the lochside

Unravelling the Ripple - A portrait of a Hebridean tideline

Helen Douglas and Telfer Stokes influenced the original concept of pocketbooks through their artistic response to the book form and their commitment to publishing as an art practice.

Helen's recent books, Between the Two and Wild Wood, are sensous explorations of the landscape of her home in Yarrow whereas in Unravelling the Ripple she leaves the woods for the seas and the Isle of Muck. Her gaze, looking west over the Atlantic is met by Rebecca Solnit's reflections, looking west across the Pacific.

patrick richardsonReports From Beyond

Patrick Richardson was born in Sussex and raised in Edinburgh where he went to university. He lived in Amsterdam for eleven years before returning to Scotland.

He has been travelling for forty years and writing freelance for The Herald, the Sunday Herald, the Scotsman, the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraph for the last twenty. He has also held several exhibitions of his travel photography.

He continues to travel to distant parts of the world exploring remote cultures. He regards himself as a traveller who writes, and a writer who travels.

rosemary mcdougall

Leckie McKay and the Sleeping Princess

Tears and Laughter

Rosemary McDougall grew up in Edinburgh and has worked in PR and fundraising, served as a town councillor and has stood as a candidate for the Scottish Parliament.

As well as being a painter and sculptor, she has written stories, plays and poetry.

wild wood

Wild Wood - A celebration of imperfection

Light and Dark - A selection of illustrated poems

Towers - A selection of poems

'As a maker, and through what I make, I regard myself as being part of nature. Art is a natural element, expressing individuality, creativity'. Tim Stead, Anvil, 1984.

Tim wrote all his life. As an art school student in Nottingham he wrote plays and poems. During the twenty five years that I lived with him, he wrote every night: his thoughts on art, trees, the workshop development, the world and scores of letters that were never sent.

His handwriting was almost illegible and he never showed what he wrote. This changed when he started to use a computer. Once his text came off the printer, he distanced himself from his own words and allowed people to read them. - Maggy Stead