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Centre for the Development of Movement, Health and the Arts in East Lothian

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Anna Halprin's Planetary Dance

  • Access to image galleries and reports of each presentation of the Planetary Dance facilitated by Audicia
  • Facilitators Training (Dusseldorf)

City Dance Edinburgh

  • Workshops and Performance
  • Breath Made Visible


  • The Yew Mysteries with Michael Dunning (2019)
  • Healing Between Worlds with WindEagle
  • Medicine Dance with Fred and Colleen Sugerman
  • The Otherworld of the Embryo with Michael Dunning
  • Living into Wholeness with Wendy Robertson Fyfe
  • The Yew Tree Mysteries. Levels 1-4
  • The Body and The Land with Suzanne Dance and Audicia Lynne Morley
  • 3 Day Painting Summer School with Gill Waugh
  • Medicine Dance with Fred Sugerman 2018
  • The Yew Tree Mysteries with Michael Dunning
  • Tara Dance with Prema Desara and Myri Dakini
  • Medicne Dance with Fred Sugerman
  • The Yew Tree Mysteries with Michael Dunning
  • WindEagle - Dreaming For the World. A Ceremony of Healing
  • Scaravelli Yoga with Marc Woolford
  • Environmental Dances with Melinda West Harrison
  • SeedPlanters Training with WindEagle
  • Guest Teachers 2012
  • Sandra Reeve - Movement, The Hidden Discipline
  • Biodanza
  • Dr. Bisong Guo - Inner Alchemy Qiqong / Tea Ceremonies
  • Bill Palmer - Harmonising Intention and Action
  • ">Tamalpa-UK Experience Workshop
    • Screening of Breath Made Visible
  • Suprapto Suryodarmo (Prapto). Human Nature and Ritual Art
  • Feldenkrais
  • Continuum. May 2010
  • Continuum. October 2010
  • Health and Well-Being
  • Clay and The Body


  • Shizuto Masunaga - Compassionate Touch
  • Words On Wood


  • Corrina Hewat and Mary MacMaster
    • Harps and Voices
  • Georgian Singers
    • A Cradleful of Lullabies
    • Healing Songs
    • Sweetening the Soul



  • Renovation and Transformation Exhibition
  • Tim Stead Furniture Workshop

External Events

  • Sound Journey: Crystal Bowls
  • World Foundation for the Discipline of Peace
  • Screening of 'Returning Home' with Q&A forum facilitated by Audicia Lynne Morley
  • RainbowHawk and WindEagle - Consciousness Transmission Ceremony