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Tamalpa UK - Level 1 Training
New Programme begins September 2019

tamalpa uk

Tamalpa UK offers  both the year long weekend training as well as introductory day, weekend  and  summer workshops. See details here


Click here for information on Tamalpa UK outreach projects in Europe and avenues for joining the active adult arts educators community formed as part of the vision behind the T-Art project


Level One Personal Mythology Training

Tamalpa-UK will be running the new Level 1 Personal Mythology Training, based on the work of Anna Halprin and Daria Halprin, starting September 2019.

This is a unique, year-long movement based expressive arts programme beginning September 2019 in association with The Tamalpa Institute, California.

You can get a flavour of the course by attending any of the regular TUK Experiential Workshops.

Tamalpa-UK was founded in 2012 by creative director, Lian Wilson.

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The Tamalpa approach has been employed in the following events run by State Theta Galleries.

tamalpa-uk level 1 training

Photo: Tamalpa-UK Level 1 student.


For me to dance is to live.

Here I can dance all the life that I have experienced
The life I haven't experienced
The life that I want to experience
And the life that I don't want to experience.
It is like having an extra life and it is a real life.
I want to learn more from my dance.
I want to live that wisdom more,
That wisdom that is in my body.
All that I know when I dance I want to know in my life when I'm not dancing.
I want to dance my life.

Poem: Pernille Overo
(Training student, Denmark)
self portrait workshop

Tamalpa UK - graduate testimonial 

"I cannot praise this work enough and I encourage anyone wanting to go on a deep path of human courage, personal development, creative empowerment and embodied knowing to say YES!  to joining the Bold and expansive world of Tamapla."  
- L Edmonds

Information on our Level 1 training programme



self portrait level 1

Level 1 Training 2019/20

In the Level I Training, participants are given the opportunity, and the challenge, to explore their personal material within a disciplined structure. Working with intermodal art mediums - shifting between movement, drawing, vocalizing, written and spoken dialogues - we work with and reflect on our history, who we are now and the changes that we would like to embody in order to live more artfully in all aspects of our lives.

Using artistic and therapeutic principles, participants uncover and explore a "body mythology" which connects to the compelling events, issues and questions in their lives. We explore each body part, identifying the literal and metaphoric connections between body, life themes and personal stories. In this way the body is explored on the physical, emotional and mental/imaginal levels and is understood as the template for our entire life experience.

Each art medium, as well as each part of the body, acts as a mirror reflecting aspects of self, our relations with others and the world. The training group also acts as a mirror. Through group creativity and learning, we develop the skills and sensitivity, which allows the collective environment to serve its members as a place in which transformational work can take place. The processes that unfold within the group environment reflect the nature of interpersonal relationships, family stories, and community issues. It also motivates its members to cultivate collaboration, collective creativity, skilful communication, and the value of differences and diversity within a supportive setting.

If you are interested in the level one training for this or subsequent years please contact:
Lian Wilson
t: +44 (0) 1303 488 538
m:+44 (0) 7971 070 620

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