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Tamalpa Life Art Process

“Few dance artists have been as influential as Anna Halprin. In her nine decades as a dancer, she has redefined the art form, abandoning conventions and embracing the wide open field of creative expression. She has brought the healing power of embodied creativity to people around the world. The Tamalpa Institute, International Tamalpa branches and Associates celebrate the life’s work of this amazing woman, co-founder of The Tamalpa Institute, who continues to be a source of inspiration, peace, and social transformation.”

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Tamalpa UK - Level 1 Training

New Programme begins April 2022

Tamalpa UK offers  both the year long weekend training as well as introductory day, weekend  and  summer workshops.

Tamalpa UK Workshops at State Theta Galleries

UK wide Tamalpa UK Workshops

Tamalpa UK

Level One Personal Mythology Training

Tamalpa-UK will be running the new IN-PERSON/HYBRID Level 1 Personal Mythology Training, based on the work of

This is a unique, year-long movement based expressive arts programme run in association with The Tamalpa Institute, California.

Our programme maintains the high standards of an Approved Training Programme of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA). Tamalpa graduates who have completed all 3 Levels of the Tamalpa training meet all requirements to become Registered Somatic Movement Educators (RSME) and Therapist (RSMT).

Our graduates go on to work in the fields of arts and health, expressive arts therapy, education, consultation, health care and the arts.

Follow these links for further information on the Level 1 training programme, and registration. 

You can get a flavour of the course by attending any of the regular TUK Experiential Workshops.

Tamalpa-UK was founded in 2012 by creative director, Lian Wilson.

For further details please visit:

The Tamalpa approach has been employed in the following events run by State Theta Galleries.


For me to dance is to live.

Here I can dance all the life that I have experienced
The life I haven't experienced
The life that I want to experience
And the life that I don't want to experience.
It is like having an extra life and it is a real life.
I want to learn more from my dance.
I want to live that wisdom more,
That wisdom that is in my body.
All that I know when I dance I want to know in my life when I'm not dancing.
I want to dance my life.

Poem: Pernille Overo
(Training student, Denmark)

Tamalpa UK - graduate testimonials 

"I cannot praise this work enough and I encourage anyone wanting to go on a deep path of human courage, personal development, creative empowerment and embodied knowing to say YES!  to joining the Bold and expansive world of Tamapla."  

"I would like to thank Lian, Audicia and H-J, the Tamalpa UK team, for the careful design and structure of the training and for their skill-full and delightful facilitation which allowed me to explore and experiment. I developed and uncovered new layers of body awareness and imagination while learning about and using some of the tools and methods of the Tamalpa Life/Art process. The Tamalpa UK team did a great job when we had to go online. It was a creative and positive experience".

"Level 1 has been a life changing experience for me: it reconnected me with my body and showed me how I can tap into my body intelligence and creativity to heal past wounds and navigate current life challenges. By the end of the course I felt much more confident and resourceful in my life especially when confronted with difficult situations".

"Describing my experience of undertaking Level 1 is something I always struggle to find words for as it is an experience that sinks beneath language and concepts. It has been a journey into a far deeper awareness and knowing located within the body: an amplifying of intuition and a process of gaining trust in my body's inherent wisdom - the wisdom of bones, muscle, emotion and imagination. Level 1 is both a personal and group journey and one of the things I have most appreciated is the interaction between those two facets, and how learning to trust my body has also been a process of learning to trust others too. A process of opening out to the world and an amazing and joyful opportunity to move, dance, draw and play! When the training moved online, it was a real revelation to see how possible it was to continue, despite the lack of physical proximity and even find new resources through the camera and my home environment. Whilst nothing can replace an in person experience, it was amazing to see what can be achieved through skilled leadership and the flexible Tamalpa tools. For these times in particular, this new, recycled version of Tamalpa Level 1 has been a precious gift."

Level 1 Training 2021

In the Level I Training, participants are given the opportunity, and the challenge, to explore their personal material within a disciplined structure. Working with intermodal art mediums - shifting between movement, drawing, vocalizing, written and spoken dialogues - we work with and reflect on our history, who we are now and the changes that we would like to embody in order to live more artfully in all aspects of our lives.

Using artistic and therapeutic principles, participants uncover and explore a "body mythology" which connects to the compelling events, issues and questions in their lives. We explore each body part, identifying the literal and metaphoric connections between body, life themes and personal stories. In this way the body is explored on the physical, emotional and mental/imaginal levels and is understood as the template for our entire life experience.

Each art medium, as well as each part of the body, acts as a mirror reflecting aspects of self, our relations with others and the world. The training group also acts as a mirror. Through group creativity and learning, we develop the skills and sensitivity, which allows the collective environment to serve its members as a place in which transformational work can take place. The processes that unfold within the group environment reflect the nature of interpersonal relationships, family stories, and community issues. It also motivates its members to cultivate collaboration, collective creativity, skilful communication, and the value of differences and diversity within a supportive setting.

If you are interested in the level one training for this or subsequent years please contact us:

For further details visit:

conscious dance conference

Conscious Dance

Audicia Lynne Morley RSMT/E Co director of Tamalpa UK was invited to speak in first online Conscious Dance Conference during November 1-6, 2019. (Vimeo)

View video recording

Click here for information on Tamalpa UK outreach projects in Europe and avenues for joining the active adult arts educators community formed as part of the vision behind the T-Art project

In the spirit of gratitude and in honour of Anna’s Life, legacy and inspiration we have created this short film.