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Spirit of Anatomy

The Spirit of Anatomy

Exploring the miracle of the beginnings of life and our evolving form - an experiential and embodied approach to embryology and anatomy.

In this 12 day course we will take a journey through our early embryological beginnings to discover the beauty and originality of the miracle of the human body.

We will be bridging both mindful approaches to anatomy and embryology as well as creative and experiential approaches to enliven embodied awareness. We will also include Creativity explorations. Movement techniques. Drawing and Journaling.

Touch, hands-on as well as guided creative and scientific approaches will be explored to engage the Body-Mind consciousness and support experiential learning and embodiment.

This course is designed to support an embodied experience of the miracle of life, to uncover the deep wisdom the body holds to heal and transform. The course is suitable for anyone interested in health, complementary medicine, creativity and the unique journey we move through as humans.

Download this PDF for further information.

Aspects of the programme will include:

The program will also support CPD, Postgrad and Foundation requirements for Shiatsu, Tamalpa Life Art Process and other bodywork trainings.

Bookings and further information
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New Programme Dates (TBA)

If you are interested in this program please contact Audicia.

A minimum of 6 participants is needed to run the program.
If you have attended a previous Spirit of Anatomy program there is a 20% discount of the full price to retake the whole program.

The new program will bring to life Embodied Anatomy, Embryology, Touch and Creativity to explore the body in new and creative ways.

Program Director

Audicia Lynne Morley. RSMT/P MRSS(T) RCST

"For the last 30 years I have been exploring holistic approaches to the Body, Movement and Health.

The place that continues to astound me with its sheer beauty and intelligence is the BODY.

The focus of this training group is to bring to life some of our hidden anatomical beauty."