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First Peace

East Lothian First Peace Circle

Our First Peace Circle began in July 2015.

We met one day a month for 8 months with an opening and closing weekend..

Please contact Audicia if you are interested in joining a new peace cirlce.

First Peace Circle is a group of people who have made a commitment to explore the eight Universal Principles and Practices of Peace as taught by the Ehama Institute.

We work with a designed curriculum, in harmony with many cultures and traditions.

The program usually consists of 12 days beginning with an introductory weekend then 8 one-day monthly meetings and a closing weekend.

During the course we explore video presentations by WindEagle and RainbowHawk of the Ehama Institute.

These 30-minute videos open each of the principles and practices and provide a deepening into the ancient Earth Wisdom from which they emerged.

Group discussions, individual practices, creative projects, movement, walkabouts - various methods of experiencing the principles and practices on a personal level are explored.

Monthly assignments with recommended activities for between meetings that enable all circle members to deeply integrate the Principles and Practices of First Peace into their lives are offered.

Shared practices of peace inspire and awaken our collective capacity to live peace in our lives as a daily practice.

Contact Audicia for further information about the course, State Theta Galleries and accommodation.

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The Invitation

This invitation is for me
because it is known that
I am a dreamer
I am at cause in this
my world
I know
that it is time to
change the world

there are many of us
on the planet
that are
a part of
the blessed unrest

a world-wise
people's movement
is in motion

to awaken…
to the Mystery of Life in each of us
to open…to the depth of stillness
to transcend…separation
to remember…why we are here
to honor…the sacred container
to dream…the magic
to walk…the high path
to guard…the spirit fire

I hear peace
I touch peace
I remember peace
I share peace
I sing peace
I dream peace
I am peace

what if it was up to me?

it is!

About WindEagle

audicia lynne morley

WindEagle, Co‐founder and Director of Ehama Institute, is a Lineage Keeper of an ancient body of Self Knowledge and Earth Wisdom Teachings called the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge. This ancient body of Earth Wisdom offers a framework for meeting today’s global challenges and continues to provide the foundation for Ehama Institute’s mission to Mend the Sacred Hoop.

In 1995, WindEagle and RainbowHawk founded Ehama Institute, a worldwide teaching center, located in Abiquiu, New Mexico, USA. Together they conducted over 20 multi-year training intensive programs with individuals, training groups, communities and organizations worldwide for over 25 years.