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Please note that this workshop is not currently running.

Four Daughters of Beauty

Painting Without Fear

with Gill Waugh

Following the huge success of Gill's Painting Without Fear workshops we look forward to scheduling in further workshops in the future.

"We can achieve a lot in a single day workshop.
There will be a (brief) basic spoken introduction about acrylic paints - looking after brushes, tips and hints about the process in general, that sort of thing.

Each person on the course will create three works to take home and feel good about!

We’ll start with a medium sized piece, then something smaller, and finish with a bigger (say 50x50) canvas.

Everyone will also get to do a simple colour mixing exercise in their notebooks and we’ll do some colour blending, which involves big brushes and a lot of confidence.

In all this we’ll get the feel of the paint, see how it behaves on the surfaces we’ll be using and basically have a lot of fun."

-- Gill

Gill has some of her works on permanent display and for sale at State Theta Galleries.

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