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photo: Taira Restar

Movement Ritual

Developed by Anna Halprin as a daily practice in order to:

  • Activate and nourish the spine and nervous system.
  • Build strength and flexibility.
  • Increase and develop kinesthetic sense.
  • Deepen the breath and vitality of the body.
  • Focus the mind, developing concentration and awareness.
  • Develop a meditation, mindfulness in movement practice
  • Act as an avenue for creative expression and personal discovery.
movement ritual anna halprin
photo: Taira Restar

Movement Ritual is an organisaton of natural and organic movement sequences that encourage an holistic approach to health and awareness through movement.

Through this practice, we can develop our relationship to our body, the history it holds and the wisdom and health within.

The sequence specifically focuses on the spine, developing flexibility, strength and inner connection and encouraging fluidity, openness and tone.

The original sequence is based on Anna Halprin's long term study and practice of movement and has been developed and influenced by Audicia's own in depth study of T'ai Chi Chuan, Experiential Anatomy, Pilates and Developmental Movement Patterns.