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Medicine Dance - Fred and Colleen Sugerman

Movement exploration and excavation

2 day Recovering Language of the Body workshop

The body does not speak English, German or Hindi; the body speaks sensation. When we begin to slow and soften enough to feel the physical sensations inside our living tissues, we come into new relationship that often times includes respect, awe, curiosity and the possibility of pleasure. It’s a new (and very old) way of being.

Eliciting presence with a sense of safety, comfort, ease and joy.

Lots of time alone/solo/with yourSelf, and some times with other(s)/a partner/smaller and larger groups, depending upon your choice and agency.

Inner-directed self guided fluid movement supported by Thought and Feeling and Sensation, Word and Witness and Music, Silence and Stillness and Sound,
Spontaneous Ceremony, Ground and extraordinary Breath.


  • 18th and 19th May 2019


  • 10 am Doors open for arrival and registration.
  • 10.30am - 5.30 pm Workshop class time


  • £200/£150 conc
  • £165/125 early bird*



If you are interested in attending please:

  1. Subscribe to the State Theta Galleries Mailing List
  2. Complete the Enquiry page with the details of the programme you wish to attend.
  3. Payment details will be sent on completion of the above

spirit of anatomy course
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Inner directed self guided fluid movement through the Body
supported by Thought and Feeling and Sensation,
Word and Witness and Music,
Silence and Stillness and Sound,
Spontaneous Ceremony,
Ground and extraordinary Breath.


Medicine Dance facilitation training, laboratory and playground:

See/Hear/Love: As a Tree

For long-term movement practitioners with passionate desire to share physical experience that may induce---love, exquisite awareness, a sense of Good, Right Livelihood, Healthy Relationship and State of Being in the world by using Medicine Dance techniques to join in to the currents and waves of already existing Source Energy.

In this immersion into simple, authentic and effective ways of facilitation we will:
Remember, access, move and feel the elements we are: - Water - Air - Earth - Fire.
Invite respectful, consensual, clear-boundaried fun with partner(s). Explore the power of silence, stillness and profoundly restorative doing
of nothing.

Create space of safety, ease and comfort in movement and the
connection to life-at-large.

  • Dates: 20th - 22nd May 2019
  • Cost:
    • £345 full price - if taking the 2 day Recovering Language of the Body
      £320 early bird* - if taking the 2 day Recovering Language of the Body
    • £425 full price - facilitation training on its own
      £400 early bird* - facilitation training on its own
  • *Early bird requires non-refundable deposit of £50 paid by 14th February 2019.
    Early bird is a statement that "I am committed," and truly starts our process.
    Balance(s) due 15th April, 2019.
  • Prices are for workshops only, and do not include transportation or lodging, if applicable.
  • Cancellation Policy:
    • £50 Non refundable deposit for weekend workshop
    • £100 Non refundable deposit for facilitator training.
    • Refunds available up to 6 weeks prior to event.
  • Contact Audicia for further information




Further information

To book your place please make payment directly to the Medicine Dance Paywall and specify that payment is to be made in "GBP."
Payment plans are available, please contact Audicia to clarify.

Come prepared with all sustenance, nibbles and lunch you need for the day and if you would like to bring a food offering to share you are most welcome.
Staying hydrated is very important so please bring your own water bottle and non drip flask mug if you want to have liquids in the studio space.

What to bring:
State Theta Galleries is a no-shoe environment. Please dress accordingly for movement and stillness.
Blankets and cushions will be provided. You may wish to bring a journal and pen.

You can contact Audicia for further information about bookings and State Theta Galleries


Visit the Medicine Dance website or facebook page.


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Facilitator - Fred Sugerman

Fred is a movement artist, educator, facilitator and professional actor.

He is Founder and Director of Medicine Dance, a collection of mindful movement forums that support the accessing and managing of personal power.

His passion lies in the space between the healing arts and the channels of expression welcomed in the performing arts.