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Arts For Peace Fund

The new scholarship fund appeal has been set up to support further training to enable pioneering transformational leadership and peace programmes to be offered here at State Theta Galleries.

I am currently on a scholarship to study transformational leadership and have just completed an 18 month journey called Evocative Leadership Mastery.
I am about to embark upon the next leg of this journey - an additional year of training focused on bringing these transformative teachings to the field of Relationship, Family: Community: Work and the Global Network - for which I need support.

I am speaking about this journey as it has touched many people deeply. The influence of this work has already been translated through those studying into many aspects of both personal and professional govemance and mentorship.

In order to continue this program I am looking into ways of manifesting what is needed both as a personal journey a) to fund the program and b) as a collective to develop its maturation, accessibility and influence in the world.

For this I need your help, your support, your sponsorship to make manifest a bigger dream..

If you would like to support this programme there are various ways you can donate or gift.

Thank you


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Donate via PayPal
Donate by Cheque

Cheques should be made payable to:

L.A. Morley

On the reverse of the cheque write:
Donation Towards State Theta Galleries Arts For Peace Fund

and send to the following address:

State Theta Galleries
The Halls
Main Street
East Lothian EH35 5HS

If you would like confirmation of receipt please include a return home or email address along with your cheque.


More information on making payments


The Dream

Leaders and Peacemakers from all corners of the globe have gathered to collectively share in this learning programme. Are you able to support in order to make this profound wisdom available and accessible?

Our dream is to Enable AVAILABILITY, ACCESSIBILITY, GROWTH, INFLUENCE and SUPPORT to the evolution of this work in the world.

  1. AVAILABILITY: To bring elements of Evocative Leadership Mastery to Families : Schools: Communities: Organisations: Government, etc.
  2. ACCESSIBILITY: To develop, design and produce thought-provoking materials and resources that convoy the teachings and promote a language of common understanding globally.
  3. GROWTH and INFLUENCE: To collaborate with world leaders within the vision of peace and transformational leadership
  4. SUPPORT: To create scholarship funds to assist those that yearn to step into this learning journey through training in Evocative Leadership Mastery.

How you can help?

To support continued training and development of this work at State Theta Galleries, we will offer gift vouchers which can be redeemed from any class, course or treatment run by STG for every £100 donated.

Background information about ELM Program.

In 2011, the Evocative Leadership Mastery™ programme was launched and is now offered to experienced leaders and visionaries who are inspired to make a positive and lasting difference in their groups, organizations and the world. Evocative Leadership Mastery™ is an integrated leadership framework, both in philosophy and practice, designed to harness the power of higher consciousness. It brings an enduring wisdom to the volatile, complex and ambiguous challenges of the world in which we live and work. www.evocativeleadershipmastery.com

This mastery program is a hands-on experience of training and activation of the unique inherent wisdom of the Eight Intelligences with which the human being is endowed: We evoke every person’s capacity to call forward each of these vital and pivotal understandings that illuminate the unlimited resource within and around each of us.

When these capabilities are activated and coordinated in the individual, the quality of the "Evocative Leader" emerges. One who leads by inspiration and example. Such leaders are the kind who are needed in this changing time to draw forth the best from those they interact with as well as evoking the kind of higher consciousness needed to address the volatile, complex and ambiguous issues we all face at this time on our planet.

The quality and variety of thought consciousness we need in order to appropriately respond to the challenges we face must come from a deeper level of wisdom from ever before. That is the significance of this training, to activate that which is embedded in us with direct application into our world.

In the second year we will expand on these practices aligning our agreements in service of creating vibrant interactions, positive development and new, thriving cultures within the field of unity consciousness.


Testimonials about how ELM has changed those on the training circle: