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State Theta Galleries are pleased to announce this unique opportunity to work with Javanese movement artist and teacher Suprapto Suryodarmo (Prapto) who will be visiting the UK in May 2011.
This will be his first visit to Scotland and last visit to the UK as he will be focusing on his teaching and performance work in Indonesia.

Amerta Movement

Suprapto Suryodarmo

Human Nature and Ritual Art

Scottish Premier

Five Day Workshop - Limited places. Priority will be given to those booking for the whole five days.

Thursday 12th - Monday 16th May 2011.

12noon - 8pm First Day;
10.30am-5.30pm Subsequent Days

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Since 1970, Suprapto Suryodarmo has studied free movement, Vipassana and Sumarah (Javanese meditation techniques). In 1974 he was initiated into the Theravadin order of Buddhism and created Wayang Buddha (The Buddha's Puppet).

Prapto gives equal attention to the environment and to the body-in-movement. The changing environment and being-in-movement are interdependent in his view and workshop participants are guided to develop an awareness of how the changing moment is constantly re-creating itself and of the influence of one’s position/transition in that flux.

Prapto’s stated intention is:
"…to lessen the sense of identification through the practice of movement arts. Hence, it is more than an approach to improvisation; Joged Amerta is a practice cultivating an attitude towards life."

Prapto calls his approach to movement Joged Amerta (Moving-Dancing Elixir of Life). His curriculum has evolved over many years inspired by his practice and research. Those studying with him are also encouraged to evolve a movement/life/art/work practice which is coherent with their own professional, philosophical and cultural background, whilst maintaining a sense of being ‘among’ or part of an international community of movement and dance practitioners.

He prefers the idea of being a movement ‘gardener’ rather than a movement teacher and his approach includes the notion of movement ‘reading’ which develops the capacity for embodied awareness through movement.

There are many different interpretations and applications of his work in the West, primarily in Europe, USA and Australia.
In 1986,Suprapto established his own school called Padepokan Lemah Putih, centred in his uniquely landscaped garden, Mojosongo, on the outskirts of Solo, Java.

His work is influenced by:

  • His lifelong study of different types of movement, including traditional Javanese dance and martial arts.
  • Buddhist (Vipassana) and Javanese (Sumarah) meditation techniques.

He initiated 'Sharing Movement' circulation in Europe, America, Asia and Australia and Web Art Garden, a world-wide network of artists and presenting organizations. He also served as a delegation artist in the Asia Europe Meeting II in London, UK in 1998 and 2004 International Shamanism Art Festival in Seoul, South Korea.

He currently serves as a Founding Member and Chairperson of the Board for Dharma Nature Time - an international co-operative foundation; Founding Member for Yayasan (Foundation) Teja Samudragiri in support of Art, Temple, Garden in Tejakula, North Bali and Yayasan Dharma Samuan Tiga in support of Art and Religiosity programs in Bedulu, Bali.

He continues to present workshops and performances in Europe, Australia, The Philippines, Japan, and recently in the USA, Mexico and India.

This workshop is produced and sponsored by State Theta Galleries

Artsadmin are sponsors for Prapto's visit to the UK

Bookings and further information >>>

Thank you to Sandra Reeve and Sharing Movement UK for use of the images of Prapto and background information.

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