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Dear reader,

Please help support the campaign against Airfield Open Cast Mine.

Below is information that has been compiled by CAAOC ( Communities Against Airfield Open Cast) in the hope that we can raise enough sound objections to this proposed devastating application by Scottish Coal which will seriously affect our local communities (Cousland, Ormiston, Pathhead, Pencaitland and Elphinstone) and lies less than a mile away from State Theta Galleries.

Please take a few minutes of your time to read through and respond. It would be greatly appreciated .  

******* Information compiled by CAAOC*************

Scottish Coal currently has a planning application submitted with Midlothian council to strip mine a large chunk of land less than a mile away from our Village . You do not have to be local to object to this and we are hopeful that if there are enough objections we can encourage Midlothian Council to follow in the footsteps of its East Lothian neighbor and send Scottish Coal packing. Please also forward to any and all friends you feel would also object to such an antediluvian and damaging development.

The planning laws have recently changed , it is no longer the quantity of objections that counts but the content. Anyone who has either the time  just put a short comment in –environment/pollution/destruction of Prime Agricultural Land,  Woodland, Area of Great Landscape Value, etc etc it would be very much appreciated. I’ve attached a list of stuff that could just be copied in if that helps.   Also, I believe we only have until the end of this week to object……………….   Thanks again for all your help in this.


Scottish Coal have submitted an application to Midlothian Council for an open cast coal mine South of Edinburgh.

Support the Communities Against Airfield Open Cast (CAAOC) with just 5 clicks:

1. Compose an EMAIL to this address:  

AND cc to :

2. COPY the text below (if you have time please edit/add to this as you wish. Some ideas for your objection letter can be found in this pdf file)  

Airfield Open Cast Planning Application 09/00349FUL

I am writing to object in the strongest terms to the above proposal. I am particularly concerned about its impact on health, the landscape, ecology and wildlife, the local economy, tourism, transport and safety.

3. Very Important - ADD your name and address  

4. SEND the email. 

5. Then please FORWARD this newsletter to as many people as possible (partners/spouses/anyone over 18 can also send an objection from the same household) - every single objection will help our cause.

If you'd like to find out more or help by also sending in a letter of objection on specific topics please see our website for further details:  

Thank you on behalf of Communities Against Airfield Open Cast



Many thanks for your support