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Scottish Premiere

City Dance Edinburgh

Based on Anna Halprin's City Dance (San Francisco 1977).

Tara Restar (USA) and Audicia Lynne Morley (Scotland)

Edinburgh Festival Fringe. August 9th-14th 2011.


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We would like to share some of our exciting news with you.

For the past year State Theta Galleries has been busy preparing for our first Gallery co-production at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe - City Dance Edinburgh - based on Anna Halprin's City Dance (San Francisco in 1977).

Taira Restar and Audicia Lynne Morley are both internationally renowned teachers.
Taira is a close associated of Anna Halprin having taught and performed with her for many years. She is also on the main faculty of staff at Tamalpa Institute California (founded by Anna Halprin and expressive arts educator Daria Halprin).
Audicia is artistic director of State Theta Galleries and is on core faculty for Tamalpa UK.

This 5 day event will include a special film preview of the award winning film Breath Made Visible, a 4-day professional workshop, a 2-day public workshop and the day-long city-wide performance of City Dance Edinburgh.

City Dance Edinburgh is a unique opportunity for dancers and artists, as well as complete beginners, to explore Anna Halprin's internationally recognised approach to movement and the creative process.


9th August 6pm to 10 pm The Gillis Centre, Edinburgh
Special Preview Screening of 'Breath Made Visible'

This new film by Swiss film maker Ruedi Gerber is based on the life and work of American dance pioneer Anna Halprin. During the film event there will be an experiential workshop introducing Anna Halprin's approach to movement and, we are delighted to say, an opportunity to meet with the film maker in a Q&A session.

Cost: £15/£10 conc.


11th to 14th August 2011
4-day professional workshop/performance

These performance workshops will include the performance of City Dance as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011.

This is a 4-day workshop for Tamalpa graduates and professional dancer/artists.
This workshop will be at State Theta Galleries and the City of Edinburgh
Cost: £160


12th and 13th August 2011
2-day workshop/performance open to the general public.

This workshop will be held at The Gillis Centre and Dance Base.
Bookings: &
Cost: £80/£60 conc.


Saturday 13th August 2011
Performance of City Dance at city central locations throughout the day.
Booking: No booking required
Cost: Free


Note: If you are unable to attend a workshop then you can still join in the performance.

There are limited places for the 4 day workshop performance and we already have an international group of dancers and artists signing up. Please get in touch via the City Dance Website if you are interested in participating in:

or just turn up and join in our day long participatory performance. You can find the route the dance will be taking here.


We would like to thank all the producers and sponsors for the hard work that has, and still is, going into this project including:

Also a special thanks to:

  • Daria Halprin
  • The Tamalpa Institute USA
  • The Anna Halprin archive for use of images.
  • To Anna herself for the opportunity to offer city dance here at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and for all her support, film interview time and archive score access in preparation for this event at the Fringe, the largest arts festival in the world.

About City Dance Edinburgh

  • Taira Restar
  • Audicia Lynne Morley
  • Kate Craik

A collective of 3 inspired women and the respective companies they are each involved with. They have joined forces to develop and sustain the pioneering practices of Anna Halprin and the Tamalpa Institute California, where they all originally met.

City Dance Edinburgh has been formed in order to:

  • Build the possibility for creative dialogue and exploration across the globe (between America and Scotland).
  • Enable the evolution of the arts, performance, collective creativity and the scoring process as developed by Anna and Laurence Halprin.
  • Launch the Tamalpa approach to movement, creativity and the arts in Scotland.
  • Create links with sponsor organisations such as Tamalpa UK.
  • Share and develop as artists, creators and teachers.

Visit us online at the City Dance Edinburgh website:
You can also see a listing on the Fringe website:

Follow City Dance Edinburgh on Facebook and Twitter facebook twitter


Crèche Facility

A crèche service is availabel for those attending classes and workshops at State Theta Galleries.


Local support needed

We are looking for help with finding local and Edinburgh based accommodation for the City Dance Edinburgh project happening here in August. If you have a room to rent, a house sit available or holiday cottage please let us know.
Dates: 10th to 14th August


We hope you will join us, or follow us online, for this exciting project.


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