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“We participate in our own evolution by contacting body wisdom, nurturing our nature, healing old wounds and embodying new ways of being." - Jamie McHugh

January 2011

Dear [fname],

Welcome to our January newsletter.

We enter 2011 with a series of new classes and courses, a development of our Community Wellbeing Through The Arts Project (inspired byAnna Halprin's Planetary Dance) and a number of visiting international guest teachers

We have also developed new Services including:

Gift Vouchers can be redeemed at State Theta Galleries towards any Complementary Health Treatments, Movement Classes or Workshops.

Spring Classes. 17th January - 7th April

The new Spring Term movement classes begins on Monday 17th January. This term we have added some additional classes and courses.

There will be a mid term break from 11th-20th Feb.


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A system of physical fitness, movement and strengthening exercises

Evening Mondays 6.15-7.15pm (Intermediate)
Evening Mondays 7.15-8.15pm (Mixed)
Morning Wednesdays 10.00 - 11.00am (Mixed)
Lunchtime Thursdays 1.30 - 2.30pm (Mixed)

12 session class card: £88
6 session class card: £54
Drop-In class: £10

Chi Gung

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Taoist energy stretch exercises for health

Mornings Thursdays 10.00-11.00am (Mixed)

12 session class card: £88
6 session class card: £54
Drop-In class: £10


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Focusing on internal awareness, alignment, breath and gravity to activate and develop Yoga asanas

Evenings Tuesdays 6.15-7.15pm (Mixed)

12 session class card: £88
6 session class card: £54
Drop-In class: £10

Anatomy of Movement (Based on Experiential Anatomy)

During this course you will learn basic anatomy and how to touch and support the body in stillness and through your movement practice.

All hours contribute towards CPD.

Evenings Tuesdays 7.30 - 9.30pm

Course One. Focus on Lower body, feet, legs and pelvis.

Jan 18th - Feb 22nd: £75 for course or £20 per drop in

Course Two. Focus on Upper body, hands, arms and shoulders.

Mar 1st - Apr 5th: £90 for course or £20 per drop in

One day Sunday Workshops (held in Findhorn)
  • January 30th (Feet and Legs)
  • February 20th (Pelvis and Knees)
  • March 20th (Spine)
  • April 10th (Hands and Arms)
  • May 29th (Shoulders)
  • June 26th (Head)

10.30am - 6.00pm. £270 for course or £60/£55 conc. per drop in.

Elders concession: £210 for course or £40 per drop in.

Body Part Mythologies

Based on the Tamalpa Life Art Work these workshops will use a multi modal approach of improvised movement, creative writing, drawing/painting, aesthetic dialogue and response. to journey through the body landscapes

"Somatic Expression is best understood through personal experience. In a Somatic Expression session, you explore a range of possibilities with the five somatic languages and bring habitual patterns of moving, feeling and thinking to the surface where they can be unraveled and transformed." - Jamie McHugh

All hours contribute towards CPD.

One day Sunday workshops at State Theta Galleries
  • January 23rd
  • February 27th
  • March 27th
  • April 17th
  • May 8th
  • June 5th

10.30am - 6.00pm. £270 for course or £60/£55 conc. per drop in.


If you miss a class, you can make it up by joining any other class or inviting a friend to any other class during the term paid for.

There will be a half term break from 11th - 20th February.

Private one-to-one tuition is available in all disciplines.


Anna Halprin's Planetary Dance

The Planetary Dance was developed by renowned artist, Anna Halprin.

The next date I will be offering the Planetary Dance is:

Saturday March 12th 2011 as part of a Day-long Workshop entitled: Health, Well-being and Healing Through Spiritual Dance and Movement which in turn is part of the Festival of Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace ( Festival brochure download >>>.

Venue: The Meeting Room of the Quaker Meeting House. Edinburgh.

If you are interested in a Planetary Dance being offered in your community, organisation or place of work please contact us.

You can support our Community Wellbeing Through The Arts project through a Gift Donation. Futher information >>>

Further information on The Planetary Dance >>>


"Ecopsychologists make the following assumption: if we are a species that has evolved out of the womb of this planet - as all other species have - then there is something in us that has bonded to the planet and that responds to the needs of the planet as directly and as strongly as we respond to the needs of the people we love..." - Theodore Roszak


Upcoming residencies and workshops with International Guest Teachers:

  • Saturday 5th March 2011. 10.30am-4.30pm...... course with Jackie Adkins.
  • Thursday 12th of May to Monday 16th of May 2011. 4 day workshop with Suprapto Suryodarmo
  • Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th August 2011. 4 day performance workshop with Taira Restar and Ken Otter including Anna Halprins "City Dance" and a showing of "Breath Made Visible" the new film of America's Dance Pioneer Anna Halprin by Swiss film maker Ruedi Gerber.


Community News

CAAOC reports: "We have some excellent news to pass on to friends and of Hogmanay, and as a result of the recent fundraising and a number of very generous personal donations, CAAOC can announce that we have passed our fundraising target, the final bill for planning advice is about to be paid and we have a small surplus in the funds which will be held until the appeal date is passed on 19th January and we see what the result of that might be, if Scottish Coal do appeal."

State Theta Galleries would like to thank all those who wrote in letters of support, bought raffel tickets and donated to the cause.


Cat News

We have 2 beautiful pedigree ragdoll boys looking for loving homes.

Blessings from all of us


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