State Theta Galleries

Summer 2009 News and Review of our first year.

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Upcoming Events.

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Summer classes running during the last 2 weeks of August (places still available)

Open Day Saturday 29th August. Free taster sessions in Pilates, T'ai-Chi Chuan, Chi Gung and Yoga.

Autumn Term Classes 12 week term Monday 7th September - Thursday 17th December.

Clay and The Body Sunday August 23rd and Sunday September 27th. A 2 day collaborative workshop led by ceramic artist Kirsty O'Connor and Dance/Bodyworker Audicia Lynne Morley.

Special Offers New special offers and introductory rates.

A brief overview of our history so far:

Whilst we have now been open to the public for one year, the 21st of June 2009 was our 4th year anniversary since we were handed the keys and a bottle of champagne by the local parish minister, Mark Malcolm.

What had been quoted as a 6 month refurbishment period developed into 3 years of renovations to create a home and dedicated centre for the development of movement health and the arts.

It was not until the summer of 2008 that we began our first 2 classes with 5 people. During August and early September of that year, 3 free open days launched our first Autumn Term of classes.

January 2009 brought in new opportunities and expanding links within our local community. 26 primary 6 and 7’s from Ormiston Primary School attended weekly classes in T’ai-Chi Chuan. During March and April the galleries hosted 2 charity concerts in aid of the pioneering work of Gia Razmadze and the singing orphanages in Georgia. It is with thanks to the students and friends of the Galleries that over £1000 was raised.

During our third term the Galleries has supported an expanding group of both local and international artists through exhibitions, special events, a small shop within the gallery and online web presence.

In July we hosted the first talk /slide show to be presented at the galleries on the life and work of Tim Stead and the Tim Stead furniture workshop.

Concurrent with the development of the movement classes, events and art exhibitions, the Galleries is also home to ‘Delicate Zen’ – a complementary health clinic offering one-to-one treatments.

The development of the galleries from its original state as the parish church hall back in 2005 to now, one year into our launch has been an incredible process of transformation, perseverance, vision and hard work and would not have been possible without the tremendous support and help of both my partner Derek and our mothers Jill and Jay. The galleries is also our home and our cats Aria, Borrodin and Thubten whom we have met since 2005 are still growing and blossoming, becoming part of the ambience of life within this space.

The Vision

The vision and inspiration behind State Theta Galleries feels deeply linked to ancestral and historic influences and continues to unfold. The power of space and sensitivity to Art, Movement, Life and Health, interlink in a fabric of beauty which enhances self-development, awareness and expression. Already many people have found a sense of deep peace, support, creative inspiration and renewed positivity toward their own lives through their time here.

With Thanks

I would also like to thank some of the local community and students who have made special contributions to the events of the year.

  • Maggie Stead and the Tim Stead Furniture Workshop
  • Sally Masterson of Masterson Media who helped promote the charity and schools project
  • Helen Turner of ELLI-B
  • Sandra and Willow for keeping the space clean
  • Martine for admin help
  • The students and volunteers who have helped out at all the events
  • Madge Brea and the Georgian singers for bringing the healing sounds of their voices
  • Our local amenities, the Co–op, Library, Post Office and Pub for continuing to put up posters

We are grateful to all who have joined us in this first year’s activities and we hope to see you again as our second year unfolds.

Audicia Lynne Morley