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Audicia Lynne Morley

Detailed Movement History

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Movement Training, Choreography and Performance

1977-80 University of London. Diploma in Dance and Theatre Arts.

1980-82 The Place - London School of Contemporary Dance

1980-90 Freelance Performer and Choreographer with dance theatre companies.

1982 Began studying at the British School of T’ai-Chi Chuan in London and continued this study with various teachers in Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan between 1987-89.

1982 - present Open dance classes in:

1985 - present Hatha Yoga. London and Scotland.

1986 Butoh Dance. Japan, France, U.K. (Kaso Ohno, Ko Murobushi, Mintanata Bodyweather)

1987 Was awarded an Arts Council training bursary to study T’ai-Chi Chuan and its relationship to dance.

1990 Founded State Theta, Collaborative Arts Performance Company as a development of research into T’ai-Chi Chuan and dance.

1993-95 Studied at the Fellside Alexander School in Cumbria on a one year developmental course and subsequently went on to do the first year of a three year teacher training course in the Alexander technique.
Whilst attending the school, taught Movement Shiatsu and its relationship to the Alexander Technique as part of the teacher training programme.

1996-97 Studied with Indonesian Dance masters, Ben Suharto and Suprapto Suryodarmo, in Healing Movement and Amerta Movement.

1999-2002 Body-Mind Centering in the US with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Berkeley, California and Amherst, Massachusetts
Certified Practitioner Programme:

1999 Awarded Scottish Arts Council Choreographic Development Award.
Performance Teetering on the Edge of Stillness an enquiry into the emergence of cellular life and death based on BodyMind Centering work.

2000 Expressive Arts Therapy and Education.
Anna Halprin - The Tamalpa Institute. USA.

2001 Level 1 training at The Tamalpa Institute, California.
(Scottish Arts Council Training Bursary)

2001 Scoring and Movement Ritual with Anna Halprin. California.

2001-2008 Expressive Arts Therapy and Education at The Tamalpa Institute in California with Anna Halprin

2001 Awarded Certificate of Completion of Level 1 Full Immersion Programme from the Tamalpa Institute

2003 Authentic Movement with Zoe Avstreih. The Naropa Institute, Boulder, Colorado.

2003 Attended the 25th Anniversary Conference for The Life Art Process. California.

2003 Began studying various styles of yoga in particular the work of Vanda Scaravelli

2003 European Contact Improvisation Teacher’s Conference. Findhorn, Scotland.

2003 Studied Authentic Movement with Zoe Avstreih at The Naropa Institute, Boulder, Colorado

2004 Attended and performed at ECITE conference in Greece with choreographer and director
Dieter Heitkamp from the Gotethe Insititute in Berlin.

2004 Attended BodySurf Scotland New Year event. A contact improvisation and 5 rhythms retreat.

2004 Scottish Arts Council bursary to attend Advanced Workshop lead by Daria Halprin in Hawaii.
Assistant to Daria in public workshops.

2005 Attended advanced workshop in the Life Art Work in Switzerland. Led by Daria Halprin

2006 Began working on creating a dedicated space for Movement and The Healing Arts in East Lothian.

2006-2008 awarded certificate of completion Teacher Training Programme in Movement based Expressive Arts and Therapy, Tamalpa Institute, California

2008 Qualified in Pilates matwork with the Pilates Foundation UK

2008 Audicia began studying with various Scaravelli inspired Yoga teachers eg. Diane Long, Sophie Hoare, Christine Borg, Mooie Scott and Louise Simmons.

2009 Certificate of completion: 120 hours Yoga training with Marc Woolford (Scaravelli approach)

2010 Certificate of completion: Facilitators workshop in the presentation of the Planetary Dance run by Anna Halprin CA

2010 - present. Facilitated Planetary Dance events both at home and abroad.

2010 Healing Movement and Amerta Movement with Suprapto Suryodarmo.

2011 Began collaboration with the Rev Di Williams MBE in contemplative and creative practice - Scotland

2011 Official documenter for the 2nd Planetary Dance Facilitators workhop - USA

2012 Assistant to Anna Halprin at Mountain Home Studio, summer programme - USA

2012 Studied with Sandra Reeve - Move into Life - UK

2012 Awarded Creative Scotland bursary to attend Evocative Leadership Mastery Programme in New Mexico

2012 Invited to become assistant director and core faculity for Tamalpa UK

2013 Co-director of Tamalpa UK and hosted Level 1 Training at State Theta Galleries.

2013 Teacher training with The Aquaviva Yoga School in Scaravelli Yoga

T’ai-Chi Chuan and Chi Gung Training

1982 - 1990 Trained at the British School of T’ai-Chi Chuan under the direction of John Kells
studying Yang style short and long forms, left and right plus Darlou and Energy work.

1984 - 1986 WuTan school of T’ai-Chi Chua , Scotland under the direction of Sifu Ian Cameron.
Wu style square and round forms.

1986 Received bursary from Scottish Arts Council to study T’ai-Chi Chuan and its
relationship to dance.

1986 WuTan T’ai-Chi Chuan. Hong Kong and mainland China under the direction of
Sifu Cheng Tin-Hung.
Studied weapon forms, straight sword and sabre.

1988 Yunnan Provence, mainland China. Dual T’ai-Chi Chuan and Chi Gung.
Grand Uncle Master Yang.

1990 - present Various forms of Chi Gung from visiting specialists including Zen Jing in both
the UK and USA.

2011 Inner Alchemy Chi Gung with Dr Bisong Guo

2013 Taiji Qijong with Master Zhongxian Wu


Professional Dance Work


State Theta Productions:

1989-90 The Transformations Project  
1990 Just Beyond Collaboration with Batik Artist, Jill Denton
Performance based on Creation and Evolution
1990 Daucus carota Collaboration with writer Tom McGrath.
Based on Celtic mythology.
1990 Reply Collaboration with actor John Cobb.
Based on the film ‘The Heart of the World’
1992-93 The Quartz Cycle Collaboration with geologist Dr. Graham Durrant.
Directed by David Glass. Based on the geology of Scotland
1994 The Pilgrimage Audio-visual installation. Tain, Ross-shire.
Designed and installed this computer- integrated light, music and slide show.
1995 Gold Collaboration with Designer Dorinda Johnson and Gaelic writer DW Stuibhart. Directed by Pete Purdey.
Based on the Kogi people of Colombia in collaboration with BBC documenter Alan Ereira.
2002 Presentation Video retrospective of the work of State Theta. California.

Other Companies worked with:

1981-83 Media Arts Group London
1983-86 Axis Dance Company Scotland (co-directed)
1985-87 Catalyst Theatre Company Scotland
1986-88 Tom Yang Company Scotland, China, Taiwan
1989-91 Rosemary Butcher Dance London
1989 David Glass Mime Ensemble London
1989-present State Theta Scotland (co-founded)
1990 Theatre Workshop Company Scotland
1993 Royal Lyceum Theatre Company Scotland
1994 Scottish Early Music Consort Scotland
1995-97 Group N Scotland and England
1996 Sara Porter Scotland
2002 Leah Stein Scotland
2004 Deiter Heitkamp Greece
2005 Mirav Scotland

Choreographies and solos:

1982 Animals London
1983 Passing London School of Contemporary Dance -Commission
1983 The Floating Point Scotland
1984 Lumina Scotland
1985 Fire Dance Scotland
1986 Air Scotland
1987 The Bear and the Unicorn Taiwan
1988 St. Abbs London
1988 Shifts London
1989 Transformations London
1990 Just Beyond Scotland
1991 Reply Scotland
1991 Flute Solos 1 England, Ireland
1992 Flute Solos 2 England
1992 The Quartz Cycle Scotland, Wales * Scottish Arts Council Funded
1993 Flute Solos 3 England
1995 Gold Scotland, Wales * Scottish Arts Council Funded
1996-98 Dedicated Solos Scotland. Dedicated to Ben Suharto
1999 Teetering on the edge of Stillness Scotland * Scottish Arts Council funded
2002 Ancestors USA
2004 Voices Greece

Choreographic Collaborations:

1983 Forms of Recreation Axis Dance Company, Scotland
1983 Faces and Hands Axis Dance Company, Scotland
1984 Shaping Light Axis Dance Company, Scotland
1985 The Creation Catalyst Theatre Company, Scotland
1985 Chromosome Catalyst Theatre Company, Scotland
1985 The Lighthouse Axis Dance Co. Lindsay John, Tom Yang
1986 Trigon Axis Dance Co. Tom Yang
1986 View From Here Axis Dance Co. Tour of Scotland
1986 Egyptian Landscapes Catalyst Theatre Co
1986 Kuoga Catalyst Theatre Co.
1986 Dance for Africa Catalyst Theatre Co.
1986 Why I Chose Red Sam Ainsley, Lindsay John, Scottish TV
1987 Black Wings Tom Yang Co. Scotland, China
1987 Making Faces Tom Yang, Tom McGrath. Scotland
1987 Raj a Jar Tom Yang Co. Scotland, China
1987 The Faerie Points The Way Tom Yang Co. Taiwan
1988 Holding Up John Bradley(painter) & Julia Clark(dancer) London
1988 The Tortoise, the Snail and
the Toadstool
Tom Yang Co. London
1988 Desiderata Tom Yang Co. London
1988 Landscapes Richard Cherns and Derek Houghton (musicians, Scotland)
1988 Three Free and Thunder Derek Houghton(musician) London, Warwick
1989 For Our Great Grandmother
and Great Grandfather
Derek Houghton (musician). Scotland