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Yoga Move

Yoga Move

Yoga Move incorporates the principles and ways of working from both the Scaravelli and Developmental approaches. Emphasis is placed on breath, alignment and anatomical awareness in order to enhance and deepen asana practice.

Scaravelli Yoga

For many years, Vanda Scaravelli transformed bodies and lives with her innovative approach to fitness through proper alignment of the spine. Based on the natural principles of gravity and breath, her revolutionary yoga techniques for overall fitness listen to the body and mind, working with instead of against them to achieve dramatic results. "If you are kind to your body, it will respond in an incredible way"

Vanda Scaravelli was born in Florence, Italy. She studied for many years with B.K.S. Iyengar and trained teachers who now teach her new form of yoga all over the world.

Read: Awakening The Spine - by Vanda Scaravelli


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Developmental Yoga

An experiential approach.

The work focuses on the organic flow of movement from the breath by tracing the path of movement development from single cell activity to spinal and then appendicular movement and how this inherent principal of movement and human growth mirrors the motions and postures of yoga.

Each posture enhances principles of motion that connect with the development and engagement of the nervous system and, at different stages, the various tissue levels of the body from organs to bone to fluid.

Following and weaving the developmental patterns through the flow of yoga brings a union of mind and body with a consciousness of our early movement patterns.

This is a pioneering approach based on the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and others and is aimed to help develop awareness of control and coordination of the body and to build bridges between the central and peripheral nervous systems and the body/mind.

By revisiting developmental patterns we can release blocked energy and address aspects of our own movement patterns that may not have had the opportunity to mature fully and may in some way affect us in our daily lives.

The approach to Developmental Yoga is one of inner research and discovery. It is influenced by Hatha, Iyengar and Scaravelli Yoga, Body Mind Centering, Movement Shiatsu and Contact Improvisation.