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Life Art Process

Tamalpa Life Art Process

Origins of the work

The Tamalpa Life Art Process was originated and developed at the Tamalpa Institute by dance pioneer, Anna Halprin - originator of the Planetary Dance - and Expressive arts educator, Daria Halprin in 1978.

Tamalpa UK Experience Workshops

The Tamalpa Life Art Process is a movement based expressive arts approach that uses life experiences to inspire our art and our art to inform the real issues of our lives. This process generates resources and can guide us to a healthier and more creative life.

No previous experience in Art or Movement is necessary to engage in this work.

One-to-one coaching sessions are available through ZOOM

Bookings and further information

Further Information

The Process

The Tamalpa Life Art Process involves the mediums of :

  • Movement Ritual
  • Improvised Movement
  • Creative Writing and Drawing
  • Aesthetic Dialogue and Exchange
  • Theory

Focused intentions, reflective questioning and improvised explorations are employed to enhance a creative journey of Discovery and Intention.

Audicia's gallery page shows the result of exploring this process as an art medium.

Continued Professional Development offers the Life Art Process to support personal and professional practice.

The Tamalpa approach leads to enhanced vitality, greater self awareness, stronger communication skills and deeper relationships with others. Developing the Arts and Imagination as a complementary resource for wellbeing helps to inspire, educate and enliven life.
This approach is successfully used throughout the world by teachers, consultants , artists, therapists, professionals and families.

Example of a workshop score:

  • Movement Ritual warm up.
  • Theory and Focus. A theme and intention that guides and informs each workshop.
  • Life Art Series ~ using a multi modal approach of improvised movement, creative writing, drawing/painting, aesthetic dialogue and response.
  • Solo, partner and group explorations and sharings.

What you will need

(Some art materials will be supplied).

  • A willingness to explore creatively
  • A journal for both painting and writing
  • Pastels and/or crayons
  • Clothes suitable for moving in
  • Drinking water

Through this practice we begin to develop a quality of listening awareness that reveals stories, hidden within the infrastructure of our cells and our inner environment, that are revealed through the creative and imaginative realms.

This revealing, or opening up and releasing into a deeper nature, allows for an unfolding and blossoming of our true self that informs our lives with greater awareness, artistic presence and guidance.


The Tamalpa Institute, founded in 1978 by Anna Halprin and Daria Halprin in the San Francisco Bay Area of the United States, is a nonprofit organisation internationally recognised for its groundbreaking training programs and workshops. Its unique approach was originated in the 1950's by Anna Halprin, who is among the first pioneers in the contemporary Western world to use dance as a healing and transformative art. In the 1970's, Daria Halprin further developed the artistic and therapeutic aspects of this work and articulated the methodology that is currently taught at the institute.