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Call for funding for the new Kogi film. - Alan Ereira

I am writing as the film project has moved to a new stage, and we now do need to get some funding together. I returned on Saturday from a visit to the Kogi Mamas. My object was to establish clearly what they propose to show on camera. The meetings were extremely useful and successful. We now need to raise the money for a preliminary shoot. This will show some of the most powerful material of the Mamas, and will serve as a sales tool for broadcasters and distributors.

As you know, the Mamas realise that since their first film, 20 years ago, many of us have a clearer grasp of the danger, but the majority of their “Younger Brothers” (that is, us) have not changed our enthusiasm for plundering nature. The warning was not enough. Now they have delegated three mamas, including their most powerful leader, to show us the hidden powers with which they work in secret. They want us to see, for the first time, how the world really lives and dies.

This preliminary shoot will start on 10 July. Following two days of offerings and divinations, Mama Pedro Juan and two other Mamas will take me and the crew off for 3 days to demonstrate the difference between a sacred site which has been eviscerated by Younger Brother, and one which is still working at full strength. At the former, nothing happens. It is dead. But at the living site, the Mama is able to enter into direct contact with transcendental energy, which manifests itself to him as a spirit-being. Here he engages with powers that he claims have a direct and visible effect in the physical world – making plants grow, creatures return to abandoned habitats, water flow from parched soil and even cause rain at pre-determined times.

As part of this, we will see the most sacred masked and costumed dances, which I believe have never been seen before on television.

We will be shooting with an indigenous crew assisted by one of the best movie cameramen I have seen.

We need to raise £18,000 (US$26,000) to cover the cost of this shoot, which will produce key footage for the finished film. We are seeking donations and/or investment. Investors at this stage will be the entitled to 2% of net profit for every £5000 ($7150). This reflects the risk on your investment at this stage. That is, after all, the nature of the situation: we need this shooting to secure the enthusiasm of TV and distributors. We will, of course, not accept investment above the target total at this stage.

You can see a 2-minute trailer at

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