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The New Kogi Film

Below are the contents of an email sent by Alan Ereira who made the original film 'The Heart of the World'

As you may know, the Kogi Mamas have asked for a new film to be made, with some urgency, as they are convinced that the world is being propelled towards catastrophe by our destructive efforts.

We had been urged by the BBC to work with Bruce Parry on this, as they hoped to make a special edition of Bruce's series 'Tribe' to carry the Kogis' new message. A number of problems arose, the most fundamental being that Bruce became committed to another project and would not be free to start filming this for about a year. We are therefore looking for a different way of proceeding.

The new film will be made by the indigenous people of the Sierra themselves, with the assistance of a small number of British professionals, using video cameras in a new way to reveal the world as they perceive it.

The core of their film will be their explanation of the true role and importance of sacred sites, through which the Mamas believe that they regulate the stability of the living world, including its climate and geology. This, they maintain, is work with practical and visible results affecting places far from the sites themselves. In effect, they wish to demonstrate the existence of transcendental forces with which they can and do interact, with clear physical results.

In the words of the Cabildo Gobernador of Gonawindua Tairona - 'No more secrets!'

We are now actively seeking production partners and investors for what will promises to be one of the most astonishing films ever. If you would like to be involved, as an investor or sponsor, or have connections with other potential funders, please contact me for further information.

Happy New Year!

Alan Ereira
Tairona Heritage Trust
90 Summerlee Avenue
London N2 9QH