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Centre for the Development of Movement, Health and the Arts in East Lothian

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The Tairona Heritage Trust

Since the early 1990's, State Theta have been creatively influenced by the Kogi people, descendents of the ancient Tairona civilisation.

Inspired by Alan Ereira's haunting and powerful book and film 'The Heart of the World', State Theta created two touring theatre productions, 'Reply' and 'Gold' accompanied by an exhibition tent on behalf of The Tairona Heritage Trust.

The work of the Tairona Heritage Trust still continues to support the Kogi, helping them to buy back their ancient cultural lands.

November 2009

The Kogi Mamas ask for a new film to be made, with some urgency, as they are convinced that the world is being propelled towards catastrophe by our destructive efforts.

June 2010

Read Alan Ereira's original request regarding funding support needed for the new film and a link to a the completed film made by an indigenous camera crew.

Aluna - The Film

Ecologia Youth Trust

Ecologia Youth Trust promotes the welfare of young people by providing safe secure learning environments in which they can discover and develop their potential to make a contribution to their communities while safeguarding the environment.

Since January 2009 State Theta Galleries have hosted sharings of traditional Georgian song, described by UNESCO as 'a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity'.

Nana Mzavanadze, a modern day song tradition bearer, from a family of Georgian song masters accompanied by Madge Bray have been raising awareness of the Georgian situation and the development of pioneering orphanages in that country.

Money raised supports these orphanages via the Ecologia Youth Trust.