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Seed Planters Training


We invite you to a five day training to become a seed carrier of First Peace.

Have you always wanted to contribute to creating peace in our world? In your community?

In your neighborhood? In your family?

This is a rare opportunity to learn The Way of First Peace and to become a SeedPlanter, one who carries the ancient wisdom seeds of peace to live in the self and to share with others.

A SeedPlanter is trained to offer evening, day and weekend introductions designed to assist others in starting First Peace Circles in their local communities.

First Peace
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Teacher: WindEagle
Dates: 19th - 23rd June 2013
Venue: State Theta Galleries

Cost: £660 (USD $1,000) - Download the flyer for payment details and further information.

Contact Audicia for further information about the course, State Theta Galleries and accommodation.

Registration and Times

The Seed Planter training begins Wednesday 19th June 2013 at 10am and ends by 3pm on Sunday 23rd June

Tuesday evening, 18 June 2013. We will have an after dinner meeting from 7.30‐8.30pm to launch our journey.

Wednesday to Saturday: 10am-8.30/9.00pm (this includes lunch and evening meal)
Sunday 10am-3pm.
An optional Labyrinth Walk is scheduled from 7pm till 9.30pm on Wednesday evening.
A special Scottish luncheon is offered on Sunday.

Note: State Theta Galleries is a home studio and we do have cats. However, they will not be in the studio.

Tuition and Registration
Tuition for the intensive, five‐day SeedPlanter Training is £660 (USD $1,000), payable to Ehama Institute which includes training fee, all meals and training materials. (Payment options are available upon request).
Register by email to
Please make your non‐refundable deposit of $550 when registering, and full payment by 19 June 2013.

Contact Audicia for further information about the course, State Theta Galleries and accommodation.


About WindEagle

WindEagle, Co‐founder and Director of Ehama Institute, is a Lineage Keeper of an ancient body of Self Knowledge and Earth Wisdom Teachings called the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge. This ancient body of Earth Wisdom offers a framework for meeting today’s global challenges and continues to provide the foundation for Ehama Institute’s mission to Mend the Sacred Hoop.

In 1995, WindEagle and RainbowHawk founded Ehama Institute, a worldwide teaching center, located in Abiquiu, New Mexico, USA. Together they conducted over 20 multi-year training intensive programs with individuals, training groups, communities and organizations worldwide for over 25 years.