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Movement, the Hidden Discipline

Workshop with Dr. Sandra Reeve
Founder of Move into Life and Amerta Movement Practitioner


October 20th/21st 2012


£150 / £120 conc.


10.30 - 5.30 pm

It is the intention of this workshop to introduce you to Sandra's work.

State Theta Galleries are hoping to develop a longer program with Sandra in the future.

If you are interested in this and can't make the July date please let us know


Remember that a thought is as much a movement as the curling of your toes.

My movement shapes and sustains my attitudes. Recognising the way I move offers me a whole new way of understanding – and changing – my own, unique approach to life.

As we come to know our movement preferences, habits and characteristics, we begin to understand the impact that we have on others and on our environment. And we register the impact that they, in turn, have on us. We remember that we are not alone and we can learn to feel among – not at the centre of – a situation. So we come into contact with broader and deeper themes in our lives.

Discover a movement practice that recognises change as the only constant in life and values:

Workshop: Moving in the Environment – October 20th/21st 2012

Pay attention at all times to the sense and sensation of being ‘among’, not ‘at the centre of’.

This weekend, we move outside.

Apart from extending our movement vocabulary and opening up new choices, simple movement tasks continue to reveal our preferred ways of being and doing in the world, including the effect that we have on our surroundings.

Environmental movement makes apparent the co-creative relationship between our moving body and our changing environment.

This workshop stimulates a fresh and embodied way of seeing ourselves as part of the environment, rather than at the centre of it.

This weekend is offered as an introduction to Move into Life practice.

sandra reeve

About Sandra Reeve

Dr. Sandra Reeve founded the Move into Life® programme – an annual series of movement workshops giving a training in environmental embodiment for performers, community artists, teachers, psychotherapists, arts therapists and health professionals.

She is an Honorary Fellow at Exeter University, a Movement Psychotherapist and creator/director of small-scale ecological performances.

Her work is deeply influenced by Suprapto Suryodarmo’s (Prapto’s) Joged Amerta and she is on his list of approved teachers. She has worked with Prapto for 23 years and their practice together continues to evolve.

Her recent book, Nine Ways of Seeing a Body has been praised internationally as an invaluable resource for students of movement, dance, somatics, psychology and performance.