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Compassionate Touch : Zen Shiatsu : Honouring Shizuto Masunaga

An informal presentation about Zen Shiatsu Master Shizuto Masunaga - by John Veltri of EarthAlive Communications, Mount Shasta, California.

The evening will include B&W photos of Masunage, taken by John Veltri in 1977, unique Japanese footage of a Masanaga treatment, and an informal demonstration of Zen Shiatsu: Compassionate Touch, by Veltri.

Shizuto Masunaga 増永静人 (1925-1981) was born into a family of Shiatsu practitioners. He became a professor of psychology, then decided to pursue the study of traditional Shiatsu, emphasizing the meridians and the Five Element Theory. He started a school of Shiatsu in Tokyo, and in the 1960’s began integrating the traditional methods of Shiatsu with western psychology and physiology.

In 1977 Masunaga brought Zen Shiatsu to the US. He then traveled to many countries, setting up Zen Shiatsu schools throughout the world. His reputation as one of the great Shiatsu Masters of our time remains strong, with a legacy that continues to grow.

EarthAliveCommunications is currently in production of a film entitled Compassionate Touch :Zen Shiatsu:Honouring Shizuto Masunaga
which is endorsed by Zen Shiatsu Master Waitaro Ohashi in New York City, New York and the Masunaga Zen Shiatsu Clinic in Tokyo, Japan.

Further information

Venue: State Theta Galleries

Date: Thursday 10th September

Time: 7.00pm -930 pm

Cost: £10 / £8

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About John Veltri


Filmmaker - producer - director - photographer - cinematographer - editor - author John Veltri has over 35 years expertise in documentary filmmaking and professional photography. His production skills and knowledge of media, and years of learning from and working with traditional elders and teachers from a diversity of cultures provides the foundation of his company, EarthAlive Communications.

John has written and illustrated several of his own books: THE GREEKS (published by Double Day), ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY (published by AMPHOTO), and WHITE MAN’S RAVEN (seeking publication).

John’s photographs are in the permanent archives of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the Museum of Immigration in New York, the Centre Canadian d’Architecture in Montreal, and the University of Pennsylvania Archeological Library.

He also innovated and taught a self-reflective photography class for inner city youth, Shoot Cameras Not Guns, at the Attitudinal Healing Connection in Oakland, California.

John’s many years of working with, learning from and recording Karuk medicine man Charlie Thom have led to the production of WALKING BACKWARDS, a feature documentary film about Charlie’s remarkable life story.