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Labyrinth - Walks of Dedication. 2015.

State Theta Galleries  & Still Paths offer this special invitation

What is a Labyrinth and why walk it?

"A labyrinth is an ancient pattern, an archetypal image that has been passed down through generations and cultures as a form of reflective tool. Over the last thousand years or so these fascinating patterns have most often been constructed as pathways on the ground big enough for us to enter and walk. Walking the one simple and winding path of a labyrinth has the potential to help us release and quieten our mind...

In the fast-paced world in which we now live, we need simple, beautiful places like labyrinths that draw us in by the attraction of their pattern to slow ourselves down, still the busy mind and connect us again with our inner resources."
- Di Williams 2009, Labyrinth landscape of the soul: Wild Goose Publications, Glasgow

Our intention is...

  • To create a regular, committed community around the labyrinth one evening a month.
  • To develop the Spiritual practice of walking this ancient yet ever new path.
  • Offer optional access during the year to individual spiritual guidance session and individual creative therapeutic session with the co-facilitators.

The evenings will be supported by reflections from the Christian, Celtic and other spiritual traditions and resources from the Creative Arts, and include structures for the development of personal and community sharing.


labyrinth walksImage: Di Williams

Having successfully completed three years of collaboration and walking the path of the labyrinth at State Theta Galleries we would like to offer you this unique opportunity to explore more deeply your connection between the spiritual journey, creativity and community. 


What We Are Offering in 2015


Labyrinth - Walks of Dedication
Next Date: Wednesday March 25th

This walk is dedicated to Peace amongst Peoples.
This is our last offering of 2015 and you are invited to bring 1 guest free who has not attended any events at STG

Labyrinth Walks facilitated by Rev. Di Williams and Audicia Lynne Morley.

3 Labyrinth Walks dedicated to peace for 2015
Dates :

  • Wednesday January 28th - The first peace and the change within us as individuals.
  • Friday February 27th - The second peace within our community and environment.
  • Wednesday March 25th - The third peace, looking at global peace.

Time: 7.00pm - 9.30pm
Doors Open: 6.45pm

These walks will give us an opportunity as a collective, to open the themes of peace in our world, where we can reflect, share and dedicate time to the essential practices of peace and in turn dedicate this energy to the self, community and planet as a way of gifting back to life.


Di Williams and Audicia Lynne Morley began offering labyrinth walks in 2011. As facilitators we have enjoyed a deeply creative journey offering the walk monthly over this period. 2015 sees a shift in our rhythm , Di will be journeying out into the world taking a years sabbatical and Audicia will be hosting a First Peace Circle.
To close our current phase of creative collaboration we wanted to offer a different series of walks dedicated to Peace.

We offer you these quotes by mediaeval and contemporary leaders of both eastern and western spiritual traditions framing the universality of peace both inner and outer.

First keep peace with yourself, then you can also bring peace to others.
Thomas à Kempis

We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.
H.H. X1V Dalai Lama

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
Mother Teresa

Individual spritual guidance session or individual creative therapeutic session with a co-facilitator. 
Contact the facilitator to arrange time and place. 
Contact Di Williams | Contact Audicia



The Labyrinth Path

Entering the Labyrinth
When you enter the labyrinth you can trust yourself to the simple path ahead and begin to slow down. As you walk to the centre let it be a time to release the thoughts and feelings preoccupying you. Allow your mind to quieten.

The Centre
When you reach the centre be still. It is a place of openness and receiving.

Returning along the path
As you return along the same path reflect on any insights and connections that may have come to you and begin to integrate new insights and possibilities into your life.

labyrinth trainingsImage © Di Williams

About Rev. Di Williams.


labyrinth walks

Audicia Lynne Morley is Artistic Director of State Theta Galleries and Co-Director of Tamalpa-UK. Her work is influenced by a deep interest in both Eastern and Western approaches to energy, consciousness, the body and health. Click here for further information.

labyrinth walks

Rev. Di Williams is an Anglican priest, adult educator, labyrinth facilitator and trainer, spiritual accompanier, professional massage practitioner and writer.
From 1996 to 2010 she was University Chaplain at Lancaster University and then the University of Edinburgh. Through this work she founded a Natural Health Care Centre and created the beautiful Edinburgh Labyrinth

She was awarded the MBE in 2008 for Services to Higher Education for her leading work in developing spiritual support for those of all faiths and none.
She is experienced in working with people who wish to explore their authentic spiritual path. One of the gifts she brings to this work is a deep appreciation of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual connection.

She leads retreats, workshops, labyrinth facilitator training and is a consultant to emerging labyrinth projects in the UK.

Di Williams has written and illustrated, Labyrinth – Landscape of the Soul and co-edited Working with the Labyrinth: Paths for Exploration (Jan 2013) which are available here.

You can visit Di's website here >>>