audicia lynne morley



kirsty o'connor


Clay and The Body

Two day workshop. Sundays 23 Aug and 27th Sep 2009.

10.30am - 5.30pm. Cost £120

A collaborative workshop led by ceramic artist Kirsty O'Connor and dancer/bodyworker Audicia Lynne Morley

Kirsty is a mixed media artist-maker who currently works in clay and paper –making voluptuous pots and unique books. These are very different disciplines -making pots being primarily a very physical process and making books a thoughtful one – but in both she allows the materials to guide her.

Audicia originally trained in Dance and Theatre Arts at London University. She has continued her interest in movement, health and the arts throughout the last 30 years exploring diverse movement forms and health practices, travelling widely to work with some of the world's inspiring teachers and practitioners.
She has founded her own performance arts company and established a full-time training programme in complementary health as well as teaching, performing and choreographing for dance and theatre. Audicia is currently director of State Theta Galleries and on the Board of Directors for the Tamalpa Institute, California.