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Dr Bisong Guo

Inner Alchemy Qigong (Chi Gung)

Dr. Bisong Guo is the founding director of the Shen Foundation. She has devoted her life to the healing and transformation of humanity. Dr. Guo studied both Western and classic Chinese medicine and is a Qigong (Chi Gung) master.

For over three decades she has intensively practiced Qigong, studying with Buddhist Qigong masters and Daoist monks in remote mountainous regions of China.

She is experienced and skilful in opening the potential in human beings.

Course Outline

Over the course of 3 weekends Dr Bisong Guo will guide students through 3 levels with the aim to develop an understanding of Qigong through internal alchemy, by physically focusing on movements, exercises and postures, and by a deep understanding of the theory.

Level One
March 10th/11th 2012

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To develop an awareness of the power of the Qigong process by exploring and using the necessary techniques available to do this.

Level Two
June 9th/10th 2012

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When participants have completed level two they should have understood the link between the three elements.

Level Three
September 1st/2nd 2012

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When the client has completed level three they should have an understanding of the connection to the inner world and internal alchemy through the Qigong technique.

Cost for 3 weekends:  £375/conc £300
Early bird discount £350 on full price fee if booked before Jan 2012
Places limited to 12


Tea Ceremonies

Dates:  Friday 9th March |  Friday 8th June | Friday 31st August
Time: 6.00-8.30pm
Cost: £20/£15 per evening

  • Learn how to conduct your own Chinese tea ceremony and all about tea-ware.
  • Discover different types of teas, their subtle effects and medicinal benefits.
  • High grade teas will be available for purchase.


There are many types of Chinese teas; green, white, wulong, black… and they are all teas that are made from the same warm-weather evergreen tree known as Camellia sinensis. The difference varies in how and where they are grown, picked and processed as to what type it becomes.

Tea has been a part of Chinese medicine since its discovery by the mythical emperor Shennong in the 3rd millennium BCE and is listed as an herb in the Chinese Materia medica.

The highest grades of Chinese teas are a delicacy and it is very rare to find outside of its country of origin. Chinese Teas are still widely misrepresented and not fully understood outside of China and so the best teas are often hard to come by. Mingming’s goal is to open a door for the rest of the world to experience the magical healing powers, the aromatic and delicate tastes and the clean and powerful ‘Qi’ of some of the greatest quality teas that China has to offer.

To experience a traditional ‘gong fu cha dao’ Chinese tea ceremony you will be guided on a journey of discovery through a range of different teas, experiencing their subtle effects and medicinal benefits. Like wine tasting, enjoying the taste of high quality teas is a fine art.

Therese Poon is a Chinese medicine and Qigong practitioner, who studied the Art of Chinese Tea with a renowned teacher in Beijing. She has travelled extensively performing tea ceremonies and offering workshops, opening a door into the magical healing powers, sublime tastes and pure ‘Qi’ of some of the finest quality teas that China has to offer.