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Bill Palmer

Harmonising Intention and Action

Weekend Workshops and Treatment Day

Shao Yin Tai Yan

Weekend Workhops



The Development of the Shao Yin and Tai Yan


Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th February 2012


10.30 am to 6.00pm 


£125.00 (5 concession places available @ £100)


£60 non-refundable.


State Theta Galleries

This workshop explains the development of the Shao Yin and the Tai Yang through the infant movements of creeping, crawling, walking and vocalising.

These channels guide the development of movement through space and the transformation of excitement into clear action. The Shao Yin gives us our sense of excitement and spontaneity.

The Tai Yang positions the body so our action is aligned with our intention. If they do not develop then energy is inhibited or is diverted so that our actions do not give us satisfaction. The workshop will give techniques for:

  1. Detailed alignment of the skeleton to create clear pathways for movement
  2. Release of inhibition to empower action
  3. Resolution of unfinished processes through Rushen - mindful spontaneity.

The work is physical but has a profound effect on our energy and underlies our ability to be clear about what we want, to have clean interactions with others and to act with awareness and power.

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Treatment Day

Date: Friday 24th Feb 2012
A unique opportunity to receive a treatment from Bill Plamer.
Places are limited to 5 sessions within the day (10.30am-6.00pm).
A discount  is available for those on the workshop.
Treatment time: 1 hour
Cost: TBC
Location: State Theta Galleries

Please contact Audicia to book your session.