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Medicine Dance - Fred and Coleen Sugerman

Using the power we have to pause, sense inside our bodies and allow more and less response. When we place the power of our attention on or into the sensation inside the living tissues of our body, we are moved in glorious and surprising ways.

With intention to quiet the portion of the brain that is engaged in analysis, cognitive figuring and separating - and awaken the portion of the brain that knows felt sense (feeling/physical sensation), Jung's 2.000,000 year old man, presence and connection to self, other(s) and the mountain, forest, ocean and sky surrounding us.

Exporing the sacred geometry, shapes, designs and highly intelligent choreography of our intuitive improvisational process.

Lots of time with Self,
More and less contact with partners (always optional based on your level of comfort, sense of safety and desire), smaller and larger groupings.


Dates and Times:

  • 19th and 20th May 2018
    • 2 day immersion and introduction to Medicine Dance
  • 21st - 23rd May 2018
    • Medicine Dance facilitation training and laboratory, See/Hear/Love: As a Tree


  • TBA


spirit of anatomy course
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Inner directed self guided fluid movement throught the Body
supported by Thought and Feeling and Sensation,
Word and Witness and Music,
Silence and Stillness and Sound,
Spontaneous Ceremony,
Ground and extraordinary Breath.


Further information

Details of the workshops are in development. They will be posted here when finalised.

In the meantime you can contact Audicia for further information about bookings and State Theta Galleries


Visit the Medicine Dance website or facebook page.


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