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healing between worlds
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Healing Between Worlds

Journey Of The Gift Seeds.

What is Healing Between Worlds?

Healing Between Worlds offers a way to remember the truth of our core identity, heal separation and bridge the world.

We tend to polarize our worlds with attitudes such as 'we' vs 'them' and 'right' vs 'wrong' creating separation.

Healing Between Worlds focuses on the space called 'The Between' where potential and possibilities emerge.

It is here we meet across boundaries, cultures and division.



the body and the land

What is Journey of the Gift Seeds?

Journey of the Gift Seeds is a way to discover our Core Capacity inherited from our cultures and ancestors and to remember the truth of our identity. This enables us to create the internal container to heal separation and bridge the world. We will learn to activate the core capacity and to apply it to an actual situation for understanding, healing, and internal shift

Voices from the Past Participants

  • "I had the transformative experience which I longed for."
  • "I experienced healing for the issue that I had."
  • "I was able to access the essence beyond time and space, which was new to me."
  • "Discovery of my own roots helped me honor the path I have walked up till now and say yes to myself."
  • "I felt like I have expanded my energies to the maximum."

What is the Next Step After the the Journey of the Gift Seeds?


After completing the Journey of the Gift Seeds, those who wish may register for the next step in deepening, called the Power of Eight.

This six day experience is to bring healing and integration to that which is incomplete, preparing us to bridge our worlds.


Workshop Dates

Venue: State Theta Galleries.

Dates: Saturday 1st June 2019
Times: 9.30am - 5.30pm
Cost: £130/110

A light lunch will be provided along with tea/coffee.

If you are interested in attending please:

  1. Subscribe to the State Theta Galleries Mailing List
  2. Complete the Enquiry page with the details of the programme you wish to attend.
  3. Payment details will be sent on completion of the above



WindEagle is a co-founding Director of Healing Between Worlds.

She is a Keeper of ancient wisdom from Mayan and pre mayan culture, dedicated to peace building, awaking consciousness, and healing separation in our world.

She is also co-founding Director of Ehama Institute.

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